Street signs in Venice

You have heard that it is hard to walk around Venice. Or rather navigate using street signs. It is a maze (just like the t shirt I bought). I use landmarks to get myself around, plus some use of a map. I have seen people using their GPS but don’t know how accurate that is.

My photos show a different variety of signs. They are all on walls. Sotoportego means it goes under a building. Quite clever; you bend down and go thru a tunnel and come out somewhere else!





Some signs point to “per San Marco” so you just try to follow those to San Marco. Or they point to the Rialto. Some are named after what happened on that street such as Calle de la Pescaria (fish).
Some signs point two different directions to the same place. Since it is an island you will probably still find your destination.








Campo is like a town square or open area. They are usually with a church. Guess I don’t have a shot of a campo. Calle is like “street.”


This was just a small dose of signs in Venice! I think it is fascinating and can usually find my way but some people look quite lost. If you ask a Venetian for directions they will just point you “straight ahead.” Then they probably smile to themselves.


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  1. David says:

    Thanks for sharing about Venice. Do you know of any place online I could find that Venice Maze t-shirt? I love it. Thanks

    • Nancy says:

      David – just saw you comment. Maze Venice shirt was bought in Venice — that is where you would have to get it! Guess next time I go I should get extra shirts…..

  2. Nicole says:

    Nancy- how do I get a t-shirt with the maze? I saw them in Venice. Do you sell them?

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