Pancakes & Museum

Today, Tuesday, after some great Italian coffee in our houseboat, we found our way to The Pancake Bakery to get our “Dutch” pancakes fix. Since I’m half Dutch I grew up with Dutch pancakes which is like a large crepe with fixings, then you roll it up and eat with some syrup.
Our rental agent at Fredric’s told us this place was good and it was. I had apple and Cary had pineapple bacon.



Meandering our way over canals, along small streets, dodging bicycles and cars, and motor scooters, smelling the sweet aroma of legal Cannibas Sativa, we made our way to The Amsterdam Museum. Amsterdam is a small, friendly and unconventional city according to the museum write up. This is a small museum with no lines, no guards standing over you, but lots of old paintings from the 1600’s, 1700’s etc. it detailed life in Amsterdam over the years. Very interesting hidden treasure in Amsterdam!






This museum was such that I could go right up to the old paintings and take pictures as shown above.

One of the photos taken in the Old Master manner style is shown. The funny thing is that the lady’s ( it is one person) hat is ordinary household things! I think this one is a handkerchief. There is a little glare on the photo but you get the idea. Maybe I will show more later in the week.




Shown above is a bicycle “ramp” going down into an apartment. Everybody is on a bicycle here. No wonder the Dutch are so healthy! And rosy cheeked! Yesterday when it was very cold folks were sitting outside of restaurants, enjoying the day….even little toddlers ! And there is a photo of a tram going along the street. We rode one some of the way home since my feet were sore; it cost e 2.80. Coming from an area with no mass transit I always enjoy seeing the ways people get around their town.





And some scenery photos! The old houses have these great hooks at the top of the building in order to pull heavy and large items into their houses and apartments. The top window opens. Yesterday we saw this in action; unfortunately my camera battery was dead so no picture!


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  1. Gandalf says:

    Wow, pineapple and bacon. Sounds like someone had munchies. You must have heard by now that Cards bested the Wolverines. At least it was a good ame.

  2. Nancis Likens says:

    I love this!!!!! Keep them coming. I’m also forwarding to Carney so he can enjoy them too Thanks Nanci

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