Murano A Glassmaker’s Dream Island

Glassmaker in Murano ItalyThis would insure that Venetian glass making would remain unique.The other day we made our way out to Murano to show Cary the Island of Glass. As most folks in the glass world know, a law in Venice in 1292 restricted glassmaking to Murano because it was dangerous and could start fires in mostly wooden Venice. And they wanted to keep the secrets of glassmaking contained.

One of the magistrates in the Doges palace in Venice was solely responsible for keeping the secrets of Murano artisans. This would insure that Venetian glass making would remain unique.

So in the present day, 2013, Murano artisans have some wonderful lamps, chandeliers, beads, vases. They do not like you to take photos so thus no photos of shops. Skip the speedboat ride with a sales pitch to buy glass and go on your own. Murano glass is usually specially marked to show it is made on the island. Some places do have Chinese glass but you want to make sure you get the real items. I noticed this year that several shops had a sign stating they did not sell Chinese glass but sold Murano glass. Chinese glass puts Murano artisans out of work!

Lucio Bubacco’s studio was one place we stopped. He was teaching a class with students from Europe and the U.S. but he took the time to show us some of his new concepts and we looked at the beautiful glass items he had in his studio.



Always. nice to see Lucio….and his English has improved so much since I first met him 4 years ago when I took a class in glassmaking off the mandrel. Much better than my Italian in 4 years!

Then over the big green bridge we went to see if Roberto Dona was in his shop. We thought he was at siesta and started to leave but he opened the door. The Carlo Dona tools are the best handmade quality tools that you can buy for glassmakers and beadmakers. And they just are not available much in the United States. Darn! You have to travel to Italy!!

We had a nice talk with Roberto. His English is coming along great too! I’m impressed. I of course bought some tools. One is a heart press that I’m anxious to try.





Roberto has a beautiful torch available now.

So that was my visit with two good looking, talented Italian men on the island of Murano!


The orange glass is some of the “street art” on Murano!

Ciao from Venice!

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  1. Bri says:

    Did you visit Paolo, the glassmaker we had so much fun chatting with who makes the shells? I still love the glass shells I bought that day.

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