Leaning into Pisa

If it is Monday, it is Pisa, Italy. We had a nice time in beautiful Vernazza and would highly recommend it to others. After my two cappuccinos, we caught a local train to LaSpezia, then changed trains to Pisa. Our hotel in Pisa is right near the Centrale train station but we didn’t see it. So I called Elena my friend who was meeting us and was waiting at the hotel. She came and gathered us!

The Hotel Milano is simple but clean and close to the station just as stated in Rick Steve’s guidebook.

We started walking toward the leaning tower of Pisa, across the River Arno. But first we stopped for lunch and had some great sandwiches. Elena told us the history of some of the buildings and tower houses. Walking into the square with the tower, cathedral and bapistry is like wham! You have seen photos all the time but this is in person and is spectacular!

There were lots of tourists and everybody was trying “to hold the tower up.” Get that correct shot!
It is a beautiful day so we had blue sky with our leaning tower. You can go in and up the tower for 15 euro. So lots of shots of the tower. Elena also told us about the Devils stone on the cathedral. She is standing by it…lots of little holes in the Carrera marble ( we went through Carrera earlier in the day) that are suppose to number 100 but every time you count them, the number changes. They were worn thin by folks touching them over the ages.

The square with the leaning tower, baptistry, cathedral, the adjacent mausoleum and hospital represent the full circle of life.








Scarf jewelry is around the U.S. and is still here but going out of fashion somewhat I guess. Two photos show some scarf beads! I just made some beads for scarf jewelry which are at The Pear Tree in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bottom photo shows people posing holding up the tower!

Beaver Island Jewelry



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