Last day in Amsterdam

Our last day in Amsterdam was slow. Most of the day it poured so it was umbrellas and hunkering in our jackets. Temps were about 40 degrees.

We stopped at The Burrito Maker for a tasty, fresh burrito and taco and conversation with an American living in the Netherlands.

According to my Rick Steve’s book on Amsterdam…it is a progressive way of life housed in Europe’s most 17th century city. Physically, it’s built upon millions of pilings. But it is also built on good living, cozy cafes, great art, street corner jazz, history and a spirit of live and let live. Amsterdam has 765,000 people and about as many bicycles! Interestingly, it also has more canals than Venice.

We have had to be very watchful not to get hit by a bike here. You usually can’t hear them, although some are kind of rattletraps and make noise.

In the 1930s modern cargo ships came into use, making the small, sail powered cargo boats obsolete. But these boats found new life as houseboats lining the canals of Amsterdam. There are about 2,500 such boats now turned into homes. There is even a houseboat museum! As you know, we are renting a houseboat so today I took a few pictures of the canals lined with different houseboats. Some are old and not in good shape, others are really nice! People have plants and flowers on top, bikes parked nearby.

And our “front door”!









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