Florence, walking the city

Tuesday….off to Florence from Pisa on the train. It took about one hour twenty minutes. Trains are such a fine way to travel here. We arrived at Firenze s.m.n. or Florence ‘s Santa Maria Novella train station. This place was bustling with trains and people!

We took off with our little rolling suitcases and backpacks over the cobblestones, toward the Duomo and turn right toward the Arno River and the Ponte Vechio.


We went by the Mercato Nuovo or Straw Market where they have street carts. It is the place where people were hoisted up and dropped as punishment for bankruptcy! But there is also the Porcellino…a statue of a wild boar…that you drop a coin in and rub his nose so you will come back to Florence. That is what Cary is doing above in the photo (minus the large crowds usually seen here!).



We passed lots of gelato shops (yum) and police.


And we found the River Arno. Our hotel is across the bridge, near the Pitti Palace.


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We had a great midday lunch near the Palazzo Vecchio where the “fake” David statue is located. And I had to revisit favorite lion statues nearby!

This is the town square. Then over to the magnificent Duomo, passing a little electric car parking area.



We noted the large lines at the Uffizi Gallery. We used the reservation system for David at The Academia (the real David…no photos) and the Uffizi.


Our hotels rooftop was a pleasant way to have a drink then off to see the Arno in the sunset.









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  1. Briana Bill says:

    I loved your descriptions and pics of Florence! My little B&B was right around the corner from the fake David so I saw him (quite literally) every day. I need to go back and hit the other places like Pisa. I gotta ask, do you have a smaller suitcase this trip?

  2. Gandalf says:

    I like the hog. There’s one just like it in Butchart Gardens in Victoria CA. Which is the castle where Hannibal Lecter threw the police inspector out the wnidow strangling on his own intestines? Not that I’m twisted or anything…

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