Easy Wednesday in Amsterdam

Today we took it relatively easy; guess we are still tired from our plane trip. We started the day with a trip to the grocery store, Albert Heijn. We enjoy our trips for groceries as the store has so many interesting food items. And of course it is all in Dutch so we try to determine what it is from the pictures.

We then found a farmers market. Couple pictures of that shown here..I figured the tulips may be all I see! Oh, and a mailman!




Then we met a guy in his Burrito Shop! He was American, from Mason City, Iowa which isn’t far from Humboldt, Iowa where I grew up. Had a great chat with him.


In the afternoon we walked (a long way) to the Van Loon Museum House on Keizersgracht. Mr. Van Loon was a co-owner of the Dutch East India Company in the 1600’s. The house has been pretty much kept in its original condition and is now a museum. I have a couple pictures here from the inside, one being the basement kitchen. And outside in the garden looking back at the house.




Walking along the canal street you notice the old bricks, often uneven. Note the little poles separating you from the road where bicycles and cars are within reach of your arm. You have to watch where you walk!

And a mom taking her kids home from school, or preschool, on her bike of course.

Love the old canal houses. Many have been refurbished and look quite nice.




Sitting here in our houseboat is basically like being in an apartment except when a motorboat speeds by….then you get seasick from the movement!!

This is The Doors bar .. A brownbar where you can get some Cannibas and a coffee!


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