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Above are examples of various Beaver Island Memories bracelets. And there is always a Beaver Island Memories necklace which will hold all the Memories beads.

See individual Beaver Island Memories Beads

The necklace shown above has thirteen unique memory beads on a sterling silver chain that is approximately 23 inches long.  The clasp is a sterling silver lobster clasp that can actually be hooked anywhere along the chain to make the length of the necklace interchangeable.  At the very end is a sterling silver Adirondack chair charm (remember those times sitting on the beach in your Adirondack chair?) and my silver name charm which I put on my special pieces.  This necklace is priced at $225.  Price is  dependent on the number of beads.  This is made to order with your individual beads.

The handcrafted Murano Italian glass beads Beaver Island Memories charm bracelet consists of various beads representing different places on Beaver Island as well as selected sterling silver charms.  Each charm bracelet is unique.  Each special place bead is unique as it is made by hand with molten glass on a torch, by me and is my interpretation of different places on the island.  The Beaver Island Memory series is created to keep your memory of Beaver Island fresh in your mind!  Remember–Beaver Island is a state of mind.  Let me help you design your own Memories bracelet!

Necklaces can be made with these beads, as seen above, or non-charm bracelets, in addition to the charm bracelet.  I also have zipper pulls with special BI Memories bead.

The Beaver Island Memories charm bracelets start at $180.00 and can consist of your favorite Memory beads.  You can always buy more Memories beads to add to your bracelet during other visits to the island.  Contact me below for information on how to construct one of these special bracelets or necklaces.

Beaver Island Memories Beads

Click on photos to enlarge:

Arrow beadIndian Point:  On the northwestern tip of the island.  I’ve depicted Indian Point with an “arrowhead.”    $15

Sand Bay Memory beadsEarly morning dog walk on Sand BaySand Bay:  Lovely Sand Bay, nice sand beaches, beautiful view, watch the ferry come to the island. $15

Bog Memory BeadEgg LakeBog Bead: There are several bogs on Beaver Island.  Bogs are really special wetland places and    not found many places on earth.  Beaver Island is one of the few places that you will find a bog.  I’ve depicted the look of bogs with greens, blues, browns and a “boggy” look such as Egg Lake shown below.    $15

Daddy Frank's Ice Cream Cone Memory beadDaddy Franks: Ice cream on a summer evening. Yum! Daddy Franks is the place on Beaver Island! Ice cream cones in different flavors. $15

Dahlwhinnie Memory BeadDahlwhinnies:  Coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch. Good deli! $15

Donegal Bay Memory BeadDonegal Bay: When I think of Donegal Bay I think of blue water with sparkles of light thus this bead depicting the bay is blue with little sparkly bumps! $15

French Bay Memory BeadFrench Bay: This is an mysterious area of the island with forested wetlands. This bead depicting French Bay is mostly green with some blues for the lake and a tree on the top. $15

Iron Ore Memory BeadDog fishiing at Iron Ore BabyIron Ore Bay:  We love Iron Ore Bay as a place to picnic, walk the beach. It’s a nice drive to the south end, going by the lighthouse. With the tannin rich water running from Iron Ore Creek into the bay you get the rich brown colors along with the sand. Thus, my bead depicting the sand and rich brownish tannin creek. $15

The dog fishing in Iron Ore Creek.

Lake Geneserath Memory BeadLake GeneserathLake Geneserath: This beautiful, large, inland lake reminds me of the “land of sky blue waters” — you know, if you are older, the old beer commercial! So the bead is made of transparent green glass with rich greens and blues depicting the water and trees surrounding the lake. $15

Miller Marsh Memory BeadsTurtle at Miller MarshMiller Marsh: Wetlands, one of our most valuable resources as all sorts of critters live and reproduce in wetland habitats. Protect our island wetlands! Here’s a couple turtles that may want to live in Miller Marsh. $15

ParadiseBay Memory BeadWhiskey Point Lighthouse and Paradise BayParadise Bay: This is the right name for the gorgeous harbor entrance to Beaver Island. It is all blue and sparkly so the bead tries to capture some of this beauty! $18

Shamrock Memory BeadShamrock: The historic bar and grill right in the center of “town.” You have to have a beer and burger at the Shamrock and enjoy the view of the harbor. This bead has a little shamrock on it! $12

Stoney Acre GrillStoney Acre Grill:  Yum–great food at the grill and now you can have a drink there too. Sometimes you can catch tunes with a band. The sun is their logo so this bead captures their logo. $15

Storm: Yes, somStorm Memory BeadStorm Cloudsetimes we have a storm on the island. And you can always see a storm coming or going very well due to the open lake surround the island. This bead depicts stormy conditions with some blues, whites, purple swirls. $15

Sunset Memory BeadSunsetSunset: Sunset or sunrise – sometimes it is very pink. Beautiful! $18

Toy Museum Memory BeadToy Museum: This place is so much fun for adults and kids! You will love it. Lots of cool little doodads, toys, cards, and paintings by Mary the artist and owner. This bead depicts all the different colors of toys and things in this shop! $15

Whiskey Point Lighthoudr Memory BeadsWhiskey Point Lighthouse: Here is my depiction of the quaint lighthouse at the end of the point called Whiskey Point. $15

Mini Beaver Islands

Mini Beaver Islands in glass.






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